Project is an personal education project, dedicated to electronics engineering, involving, but not limited to digital and analog circuit design, PCB layout, field programmable devices and gate array applications and firmware development for embedded systems.

As full-time electronics engineer I aim to present content accurate and well described. If you find mistake or error in posted article or review, please contact me thru skype:tin_topmods or drop a message to team[esign] mailbox. For sharing, you can link to Google+ social network. I work on this on free time and during weekends only, so it may not be as frequently updated as I would like it to be.

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Projects and cooperation

  • – Extreme cryogen cooling for computer gear, liquid nitrogen containers and accessories. Design and CAD engineering
  • – Product design and performance tuning for hi-end VGA’s, motherboard, gaming hardware
  • – Ukrainian overclocking team, PC performance tuning.


  • Neutron – Power supply automated test system, 12-channel 2kW DC power rating for electronic load, 2% accuracy
  • Development boardsATMEL AVR, ARM, Altera CPLD and FPGA development opensource hardware kits
  • T&M Repairs – Repair worklogs for industry test and measurement equipment
    • Keithley 2001 repair – Extensive repair experience for Keithley Model 2001 precision multimeters
  • Project KX – Precision DC voltage source/meter unit
  • DMM noise measurement – public project to measure and compare noise of bench multimeters.


  • – Issue tracker based on Redmine engine, used to collect tasks and coordinate teamwork.
  • – Documentation resource for manuals, equipment photographs, component datasheets.
  • XE Toolkit – Electronics engineering toolkit, online calculators, tools and simulation helpers.